John Gardner Web Resources--a partial list books on John Gardner's On Writers and Writing Perez's brief description of the usefulness of The Art of Fiction essay on William Gass that discusses John Gardner --Thomas Fasano has created another very useful Gardner website.  Much thought has gone into it. Visit his site now. --Brian Fox's nifty  Gardner website, part of the web

circle that includes this Batavia site, Thomas Fasano's  and George Gaudette's (listed below). Visit his site! -- George Gaudette's excellent site (The Arch and the Abyss) devoted to John Gardner, even a Gardner listserv, which is quite lively at times. Visit his site! As of now, his site had moved to geocities, so change your bookmarks.  --Gregg Fedchak's  page, which includes a section on Gardner. entitled "Grendel and Art" (by Scott Omodth, a student in Dave Sampson's class) essay by an anonymous student in Dave Sampson's AP class:"Grendel: the Manipulator of Emotions." has a number of John Gardner first editions for sale staff lists two of Gardner's books in their great books recommendation list Joost Papers in special collection, containing some correspondence with John Gardner; at same site the Kenneth Aguillard Atchity Collection contains more correspondence from Gardner. Carson essay "Carver's Vision" discusses the importance of Gardner regarding Raymond Carver. Raymond Carver site (seems to be down as of today) --Connection to Rush Rhees library collection at the University of Rochester (watch for a special Gardner event there in March 1999).

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updated on August 17,  1998