The purpose of this page is to raise awareness of John C. Gardner, the poet, novelist, dramatist, translator, and teacher who died in 1982. Gardner was raised just outside of Batavia , NY, attended school through grade 11 in Alexander, NY, and graduated from Batavia High School in 1951. The author of many novels, plays, transliterations of medieval texts, he also wrote three influential works on the art of writing--On Becoming a Novelist, The Art of Fiction, and On Moral Fiction. Many of his students, such as Raymond Carver and Charles Johnson, have had successful publishing careers. Additionally, he wrote children's stories (such as "Dragon, Dragon"), plays (including "Days of Vengeance" written for his mother, Priscilla), composed operas, librettos, and paintings, and played the French horn (having studied music at the Eastman School of Music).

We hope this page will encourage people to learn more about him, his works, and his family. The John Gardner Society planx local events that will happen this year and in future years, events such as  ANNUAL JOHN GARDNER FESTIVAL and the JOHN GARDNER CONFERENCE (last held on April 16 and 17, 1999). Batavia is proud of this native son, and Genesee Community College is pleased to help celebrate one of the most important names in 20th century American literature..

In our effort to compile Gardner Stories, we encourage anyone who knew him or studied with him to contact us. For those interested, Barry Sileski currently is working on a biography.


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Read about the Second Annual John Gardner Conference--April 16 and 17, 1999. Here is a list of presenters.

We will soon feature details about the upcoming John Gardner Conference in Susquehana, PA to be held on the weekend of April 15, 2000.

  (Jan Quackenbush's review of Lies! Lies! Lies!)

John Gardner Conferences:    First Annual John Gardner Conference (held April 3 and 4 1998-- conference details with links to the papers-- are  posted).  You will soon be able to order a bound collection of papers delivered at the First Annual John Gardner Conference, edited by Jim Fessenden .

Information on James Still's adaptation of In the Suicide Mountains for the stage, which will be performed during the Second Annual John Gardner Conference.

Theater of John Gardner--excerpt from DAYS OF VENGEANCE (follow this link for the address of the Georges Borchardt Agency).

(Join the excellent Gardner listserv, moderated by George Gaudette. (Read about the collection of Gardner journals that will be released in the spring of 1999.)

Second Annual John Gardner Festival--September 12, 1998 --details from that event.

Links to Resources and articles.( We will soon be adding articles by Susan Thornton, The Batavia Daily News,

         Liz Rosenberg,

         David Stanton--a revised version of the last interview with John Gardner.  It is now posted but is still in the  process of web-tweaking).

Links to three other excellent Gardner sites: The Arch and the Abyss: A John Gardner Resource; The Gardnerians; and Thomas Fasano's John Gardner site.

Pictures , bibliographic information, and news articles, such as this  1973 one courtesy of the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle.

Jan Quackenbush's contribution to The Literary Legacy of John Gardner.

John Maier's article "Gilgamesh--by Gardner" (originally published in 1983).

Bibliography page Letter John wrote concerning gifted children.

Sunlight Dialogue Tour--will include pictures and more (to be posted later in--as soon as I can get the scanner to be friendlier)

Help support the John Gardner Society and its efforts by buying a t-shirt. Or attend the next meeting at the Richmond Memorial Library on March 10 at 3:30.

Transcript by Jan Quackenbush of Gardner's Chautaugua lecture of August, 1982 (includes two wav files so you can hear him)

Can't decide on what Gardner book to read next?  Here are some reviews to help you choose.

Information on ordering the limited edition of Gardner's poem "The Thistle" (published in a broadside edition)

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The above is a facsimile of one of John's business cards, supplied by Marge Cervone. He used it while a Distinguished Visiting Professor at the University of Detroit in 1970 or 1971 . (Thanks, Joel!)

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