Partial List of Works Written, Co-authored, or Edited by John Gardner
(future updates will owe many debts to Jan Quackenbush, George Gaudette, and John M. Howell)

In fact, the best place on the web to go for a fine bibliography is at the Arch and the Abyss.
However, if you are looking for an exceptional list of the theatrical work of John Gardner, click this link (compiled by Jan Quackenbush)

Art of Fiction: Notes on Craft for Young Writers. 1984.


Art of Living and Other Stories. 1981


Child's Bestiary.1977.


Complete Works of the Gawain Poet in a Modern English Version with a Critical Introduction by John Gardner. 1965.


Construction of Christian Poetry in Old English. 1975.


Construction of the Wakefield Cycle. 1974.


Days of Vengeance--unpublished one-act play written with his mother in mind; part of a bet made with playwright Jan Quackenbush.


Dragon, Dragon, and Other Tales. 1975.


Frankenstein. Libretto. 1979.


Forms of Fiction. (edited by Lennis Dunlap and John Gardner. 1962.


Freddy's Book. 1980.


Gilgamesh: the Version of Sin-leqi-unninni. 1984--in conjunction with John Maier, who teaches at SUNY Brockport; Gardner had just finished this hours before his tragic motorcycle ride.


Grendel. 1971.


Gudgekin, the Thistle Girl, and Other Tales. 1976.


In the Suicide Mountains. 1977.


Jason and Medeia. 1973.


King of the Hummingbirds and Other Tales. 1977.


The King's Indian. 1974.


Life and Times of Chaucer. 1977.


Mickelsson's Ghosts: a Novel. 1982.


Motorcycle Riders. 1975


Morte Arthure. (The alliterative Morte Arthure, The Owl and the Nightingale and five other Middle English Poems in a modernized English version with Comments on the Poems and Notes) . 1971.


Nickel Mountain: a Pastoral Novel. 1973.


October Light. 1976.


On Becoming a Novelist. 1983.


On Moral Fiction. 1978.


On Writers and Writing. (Introduction Charles Johnson). 1994.


Poems. 1978.


Poetry of Chaucer. 1977.


Resurrection. 1966--(takes place here in Batavia, NY).


Rumpelstiltskin. Libretto. 1979--(performed for ten years in Philadelphia as part of the city's

Christmas festivities).


Stillness; and Shadows. 1986--(edited and with an introduction by Nicholas DelBanco).


Sunlight Dialogues. 1972--also takes place in Batavia; many of the characters are modeled on people living here. The Goat Lady was real, and there is a second part to her story.


Vlemk, the Box-painter. 1979.


William Wilson. Libretto. 1979.


Wreckage of Agathon. 1970.


As mentioned above, this is just a partial list of his works; we plan to keep updating it and encourage you to add details or make corrections by contacting any  of us.

--Vince Iglesias-Cardinale and Charley Boyd and Jan Quackenbush

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updated March 12, 1998