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Thousands of students have begun their college education at GCC, transferred to a 4-year school, and gone on to earn bachelor's, master's and doctorates in a wide variety of fields.

The coursework in our associate's degree programs is comparable to that of the freshman and sophomore year at most 4-year schools. You can spend your first two years at Genesee and then transfer the credits you earn here to a four-year school of your choice to complete your degree.

When Will You Transfer?

Before completing my GCC degree

If you transfer before completing your GCC degree, the 4-year school will

  • review your GCC transcript
  • determine your incoming status (freshman, sophomore or junior)
  • determine the approximate number of credits/semester you will need to complete before you will receive your baccalaureate degree.

In general, if you have approximately 24 credit hours or more, the 4-year school will evaluate your admission status on the basis of your college transcript only.

After graduating GCC

With an A.S. or A.A. degree

If you graduate from GCC with an A.S. or A.A. degree, most of the schools with which GCC is affiliated will admit you as a full junior. Depending on your prior course selection at GCC and your course selection at the 4-year school, you will generally need only 4 additional semesters to complete your baccalaureate degree. But this not always guaranteed!

With an A.A.S. degree

If you graduate from GCC with an A.A.S degree, you will still be able to transfer to the 4-year school of your choice. It will, more than likely, take you more than 4 semesters (2 academic years) to complete your baccalaureate degree. Additionally, courses you took at GCC as part of the Applied degree may not be applicable or appropriate for the 4-year program. You may also have to repeat courses which you already took at GCC.

Transfer Information

Articulation Agreement

An Articulation Agreement is an agreement that has been made between GCC and a four-year institution. It is designed to allow GCC students who complete an A.A. or A.S. degree to transfer into the four-year college with full junior status.

Dual Admissions Agreement

A Dual Admissions Agreement (also called a Joint Admissions agreement) is a unique method for transferring to a four-year school and completing a baccalaureate degree. It is designed for first-time, full-time students who

  • know the associate's degree they want from GCC
  • know what four-year degree they want
  • know where they want to earn that four-year degree.

Students are simultaneously admitted to both GCC and the 4-year school at the start of their freshman year. Upon earning an associate's degree at GCC, the student begins immediately at the baccalaureate degree granting institution with full junior status (provided certain academic standards are fulfilled at both GCC and the 4-year institution).

Only certain academic degrees at both GCC and area four-year institutions are part of this program. Read the information in the Dual Admissions Packet 92 KB carefully to determine if this course of action is right for you.

SUNY Guaranteed Transfer Program for AA/AS Graduates

GCC students completing an AA or AS degree prior to transfer are guaranteed access to a four-year SUNY college or university. In order to be eligible for the AA/AS Transfer Guarantee, applicants must complete the following steps by the dates indicated:

For Fall Admission For Spring Admission  
March 1 October 1 Deadline for AA/AS applicants to submit a SUNY Application to the SUNY Application Processing Center (APC).
March 15 October 15 Deadline for submitting your official two-year college transcript(s) to the SUNY four-year colleges(s) to which you applied, showing at least the equivalent of three semesters of completed study.
April 15 November 15 Supplemental application materials completed and returned to those colleges which require it.
May 1* December 1* Transfer applicants electing to avail themselves of the guaranteed admission program must notify SUNY Access Services through their toll-free number (800)342-3811.


*The Application processing Center (APC) will contact and inform students by April 15 for the fall semester and by November 15 for the spring semester of their eligibility for the Guaranteed Transfer Program. The APC will request each candidate confirm their willingness to be considered for the Guaranteed Transfer Program by calling SUNY Access Services' toll-free number prior to May 1 for fall admission and prior to December 1 for spring admission.

Considering transferring within the SUNY system? Visit the SUNY Transfer page to begin the process and then contact the Transfer Coordinator in Room C222 at the Batavia Campus.