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The College offers tuition waivers to all full time employees on a space available basis. Tuition waivers are also available to the children and/or spouses of full time employees upon enrollment as a student in the college with the intent to remain a student for the semester in which they enroll. The above waivers are subject to the following limitations: (a) the student must apply for both PELL and TAP; the waiver will cover the difference between PELL and TAP awards and the actual cost of tuition at the College; (b) the waiver is limited to tuition charges only; the student is responsible for all other fee charges that are set by the College; and (c) the student must present a Certificate of Residency at the time of registration or have one on file that covers the period of registration. Certain part time employees are eligible for tuition waiver and can enroll in a maximum of two courses per semester. Adjuncts that are currently teaching and have taught one prior semester can enroll in a maximum of one course per semester. A Tuition Waiver Request Form must be completed each semester. These forms may be obtained in the Human Resources Office. Please refer to the current GEA and GCCESPA contracts for more details.

The State University of New York (University) Board of Trustees has established a policy of tuition assistance for eligible employees. This policy provides that up to 100 percent of the cost of tuition and fees charged for eligible courses of instruction may be waived where such employees enroll in courses at a campus of the University. The funding for this program is limited, and partial waivers may be available. Contact the Human Resources Office for further information.

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