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Remote Placement Testing

If you have applied and been accepted to Genesee Community College you may have received a letter stating that you must take a placement test.  If you live more than a couple of hours’ drive from any GCC campus, you may inquire about testing at a remote location closer to where you live.   Following is a list of helpful information if you choose to test at another location.

  • There is a fee associated with testing at a remote location (usually $45-$50 and you must have a debit or credit card).  Testing on a GCC campus is free
  • A preliminary test registration process must be completed prior to scheduling a testing date/time.
  • There are two options for completing the registration process:
    • Complete a registration form online, providing all requested information.  Click the submit button when the form is complete.  The location for your testing session will be at the testing site closest to the home address you provide.

      - OR -
    • Call the GCC Testing Center to complete the registration by phone:  585-343-0055 Ext. 6354 between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm.  State that you wish to register to take your placement test at a remote location.
  • After completing registration for remote testing you will receive an important email from with COMPASS/ESL in the subject line.  It will contain instructions for scheduling your placement test.  Read ALL of the instructions carefully before attempting to schedule your testing session.
  • Once the initial registration process is complete you have only 45 days in which to complete the test.  You must schedule an appointment with your chosen testing location and complete your test within that period or you will be unable to test with your assigned registration number.  It is therefore strongly suggested that you make and keep your appointment promptly.
  • After you have completed your placement test you may contact the Academic Advisement office (585-343-0055 Ext. 6262) to inquire about class registration.