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Financial Aid Refunds

GCC processes two major financial aid refunds on the fourth and twelfth week of the Fall and Spring semesters and the seventh week of the Summer semester.  Refunds are processed for students who have credit balances on their account.  In order to obtain your refund you must present a valid photo ID at the time of pick-up.  GCC will not release a refund check to anyone other than the student.

Please be aware that if you have designated your financial aid refund check to go to College Village, that your refund will be sent directly to College Village Hall.  We ask that you go to College Village Hall and sign over your refund check to them as soon as your refund is available.  Once your housing balance is paid in full, College Village will refund any excess to you.


In order to qualify for your federal student aid, including loans, you must attend class beyond the 60% point in the semester.  Periodically, GCC verifies student attendance with instructors.  GCC does this to ensure that the student is entitled to their refund so that they will not owe a balance later.