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Genesee Alumni Career Network

You will play a major role in guiding students toward being successful both academically and professionally. Many times a student will choose a career field they are unfamiliar with.  They might have limited knowledge or lack of hands-on-experience of the day-to-day routine, successes, and challenges of the chosen field.  You will guide students in understanding their field of interest.  The Career Network will match you with a Genesee student who has similar academic interests, career goals, personal interests and hobbies for the purpose of encouraging, supporting, advising and motivating.  Some of the mentoring sessions will be done in person but many can be done through email, phone, shadowing opportunities, or even an internship.  If you would consider being a mentor to a student, please fill an application.  The first mentoring session will begin in Fall Semester 2010 and end with a final dinner in April 2011.  For more information call (585) 343-0055 ext. 6265 or email


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