Campus Center Testing



Campus Center Testing HoursSee schedule for hours


Please plan your schedule according to the established times. Tests will be taken from latecomers at the end of the scheduled time regardless of student progress.



The Campus Centers are available for testing for:


·         Telecourse, Distance Learning, and Online testing

·         Make-up testing

·         Accommodated testing

·         Students from other colleges


Rules and Requirements:


·         A photo ID is required for all tests

·         Scratch paper is provided, when needed (and turned in with test)

·         No earphones may be worn in the testing area

·         Pagers and cell phones must be turned off during testing

·         No food at the testing site

·         No breaks, unless there is an emergency

·         If students can’t take the test during the testing hours at the campus center, they may need to travel to another testing location to take the test.

·         If testing is not available at your center on the day you need, check the other center in your county (i.e. Albion & Medina are both in Orleans; Arcade & Warsaw are both in Wyoming; Dansville & Lima are both in Livingston)



Phone numbers (please call ahead to see if your test is available):


Albion                   589-4936

Arcade                  492-5265

Dansville              335-7820

Lima                       582-1226

Medina                                798-1688

Warsaw                786-3010


CAP Center 343-0055 x6351





Albion                  Mod 1   Tues      12 – 3PM             Mod 2   Tue        12 – 3PM

Thurs     9AM – 12PM                      Thurs      6 - 9PM


Arcade                  Wed      3:30 -6:30PM

                                Thurs     12:30 – 3:30PM


Dansville             Mon      9  –  12PM

                                Wed      5:30 – 8:30PM


Lima                      Tues      9 – 12PM

                                Wed      3:30 – 6:30PM


Medina                Mod 1   Wed      2 – 5PM                Mod 2   Wed      3 – 6PM

                                                Fri           9 – 12PM                             Fri           9 – 12PM


Warsaw               Tue        5:30 – 8:30PM

                                Thurs     1 – 4PM