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Welcome to the Cougar Pride!

The GCC orientation program is designed to facilitate a smooth transition into the GCC community by educating students and their families on the academic and social opportunities and responsibilities expected at the institution.
Why Participate?

  • First step to a successful transition to the GCC community
  • Meet other new students
  • Acclimate you to new surroundings and resources
  • Identify ways to become involved on campus

The GCC Orientation program provides you with an introduction to Genesee Community College and will give you an opportunity to develop your own conclusions and ideas.

While on campus, you will be able to become familiar with the campus through tours and walking your schedule as well as meet faculty, staff and other new students. All of this will help you feel more comfortable with your surroundings when classes begin.

Whether you'll be attending classes on campus or on-line, New Student Orientation will help ease your transition and put you on the path to a success at GCC!