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Healthy communication is vitally important in a family, as well as any living environment. Sometimes, roommates come into a living situation with different expectations about living day-to-day in the same apartment. We encourage all residents to get to know one another, learn about their individual lifestyles, upbringing, study habits, sleep habits, and the list goes on. The key to living together successfully is opening the lines of communication and working together as a team to keep them open.

Sit down with your roommate(s) and begin to discuss your expectations of living together. Here are some topics to get you started:

· Where I am from
· What high school I went to
· Something about my family
· The type of neighborhood I grew up in
· What I like to do in my spare time (activities/interests)

Emotional Style
· What I am like when I am down or upset about something
· How hard (or easy) it is for me to let people know what I am feeling or what I need
· Time when I would prefer to be left alone
· How I usually let people know when I am angry
· What I'm like when I feel pressured
· Something that is likely to annoy me

· The amount of sleep I need to function
· How I feel about my study habits
· How I feel about my personal possessions - like what things are okay for you to borrow; what things I prefer not to lend
· The types of music I prefer
· The importance I have for my room to be neat and clean
· How I feel about men/women in the apartment or bedroom

If you are having trouble talking with your roommate(s), consider discussing it with your R.A. Our staff is prepared to help you and your roommate(s) to keep the lines of communication open.