Monday, May 20 - Friday, Jul 12, 2013
All Day Summer 2013 Fin Aid Bookstore Charges: Bookstore Charges You may begin using your excess Summer 2013 Financial Aid to purchase books beginning Monday, May 20th.... [more]
Monday, Jul 08 - Sunday, Jul 14, 2013
All Day Summer 2013 Last 5 Week Tuition W/D Refunds: Tuition W/D Refunds Classes begin Monday, July 8th. You must withdraw PRIOR to  July 8th   for the Summer 2013 Last 5 Week Session to receive a 100% Refund.... [more]
Wednesday, Jul 10, 2013
All Day Last 5 Weeks - Last day to add without signatures This is the last day students can add a Last 5 Weeks section without the instructors approval.