Career and Personal Enrichment Courses

Survival Spanish Series

Improve your communication skills with employees and customers. In these 5 interactive classes you will learn proper terminology, body language and strategies to provide quality service to your customers or improved productivity from employees. 

Survival Spanish for Beginners

This course allows you to concentrate on learning to speak Spanish through oral exercises emphasizing important words and expressions. Topics include but not limited to: greetings, phrases, commands, directions, colors, numbers, body parts and food.

Survival Spanish for Medical Professions

Topics may include but not limited to: hospital supplies, physical problems, emergency situations, preventitive health care, cultural understanding, making a personal connection with patients, questioning patients about their symptoms, gathering and conveying basic information, informing and isntrucitng about on-scene treatment.

Survival Spanish for Business

Topics may include but not limited to: telephone conversation, customer service, handling complaints, money transaction, compensations, contracts, human resources, cultural understanding, finances, invoicing and investments.

Suvivial Spanish for Agriculture

Topics may include but not limited to: machinery, crops, animal care, animal body parts, cultural understanding, communicating with veterinarians, facility terminology, technology, daily conversation and emergency situations.

Survival Spanish for Law Enforcement

Topics may include but not limited to: legal and illegal activities, describing vehicles and traffic violations, describing drivers who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, how to query your witnesses or suspects, describing people - ages, hair color, ethnicity, legal status and even what they are wearing, colors, directional words, commands, interview scenarios, who what, when, where, why and how questioning, numbers, miranda warning and provides officers with dialogues to assist with the work day.

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