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Study Abroad: England - A Voyage Through History

Study History in England: June 1-13, 2014

What do people think of when they consider the history of England and Scotland? Kings! Queens! Castles! Palaces! Perhaps famous buildings and landmarks. The Tower of London! Buckingham Palace! Westminster Abbey! Sherwood Forest!

Join GCC’s study abroad program to the United Kingdom to see all this and more! Come hear stories of intrigue and betrayal. Of opportunities, battles, coronations, and conniptions. Hear tales of mad Kings and imprisoned Queens. Of noble princes and corrupt priests. As we see the sights and sites of Merry Olde England we will witness a culture built on the history of monarchy and consider how the institution became what it is today.

College Credit Courses

Students will enroll in two courses in this study abroad trip:

  • HIS 107 - Eccentrics All: Kings, Queens, and Rogues in England
  • LIT 217 - British Literature: Medieval Period through Restoration

Approximate Cost: $3500

Includes airfare, lodging, most meals, transportation and tuition. Scholarships available!

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