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Program Outcome Information

The GCC nursing program outcomes and most recent levels of achievement are as follows:

  1. 90% of first time writers will pass the NCLEX-RN (2011: 93% first time pass rate; first quarter 2012. 98% first time pass rate).
  2. 100% of graduates will be employed in nursing within 6 months of graduation (2010: 96%).
  3. 100% of employers responding to the employer survey will rate the graduate’s performance as satisfactory or above (2011: 100% satisfaction).
  4. 90% of students responding to the graduate survey will rate their program satisfaction as satisfactory or above (2010: 100% rated as satisfactory or above)
  5. 80% of students entering the first clinical nursing course will graduate within a five year time frame (most recent data: Fall 2007 80%, Spring 2008 61%).