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Nursing Student Comments

Here's a sample of what our students have to say:

Nursing Students "I was told that Genesee has one of the best nursing schools available. It's true. I have talked with nursing students from other schools and they don't have a program that compares with the content."
- Bill E.

"The Genesee Nursing Program really prepared me for the nursing boards and the clinical field. The clinical instructors did a great job developing my assessment skills and clinical knowledge. The foundation I received at Genesee has enabled me to build a very successful nursing career"
- Heidi M.

"The staff is very supportive and cares about the success of students. The nursing students become a strong supportive group of people for each other."
- Joni C.

"The Genesee Nursing Program is a wonderful learning experience for those interested in fulfilling their need to help others. The staff, as well as the program is great. This program is highly recommended for those interested in a nursing career."
- Dawn A.

"There are so many interesting aspects to this course. From patient care to lab work. Communication is very important in all aspects of learning. Instructors and students help each other. We are all a big family."
- Denise D.

"A variety of clinical experiences. Teachers were very helpful."
- Corrinne G.