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Natural Sciences: Individualized Concentration

Natural Sciences: Individualized Concentration

Do you already have a career in mind? Perhaps you know what bachelor’s or master’s degree(s) you intend to pursue. And, maybe you even have your four-year college or university mapped out. With GCC’s Liberal Arts Natural Science A.S Degree with the Individualized Concentration, we will help you create the academic pathway that suits your unique interests and transfer plans.

With the help of a GCC advisor, your program of study can be tailored to your needs while meeting the required number of science and math credits for the Natural Sciences Individualized Concentration. You can select the sciences that best match your interests and long-term career plans. You will be able to pick from a large number of laboratory based sciences from each program’s restricted electives.  You can also explore opportunities to conduct scientific field work, internships, co-ops and research projects in a variety of industries.