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Our Stewardship of Resources

One of our most important roles is to act as a good steward of the resources our supporters have entrusted to us. We fulfill this role in many ways, ranging from careful oversight of our investment program to strict monitoring of our annual budget.

The Stewardship Committee of the Board of Directors is specifically charged with oversight of all Foundation grants and with maintaining high standards of accountability to donors. Each year the Stewardship Committee:

  • Carefully reviews requests for grant and scholarship support, and makes funding recommendations to the Board of Directors.
  • Monitors grants actually made, and evaluates the impact of grants.
  • Gives supporters the opportunity to meet the recipients of scholarship and program grants.
  • Provides program and financial reports to supporters.

Our goal is simple: to make the most of every dollar entrusted to us, and to insure that all of our grants make a positive and long-lasting impact on our College and students.

We observe the highest standards of ethical practice in our fund raising programs and the management of assets. We fully subscribe to the Association of Fund Raising Professionals Code of Ethics and the American Association of Fund Raising Counsel's Donor Bill of Rights.